Adventures in Shanghai

IGF China was a few weeks back. We announced the win, but what exactly happened in Shanghai? Do you want to know? No? That is fine with me. I can’t remember much of it either. Here are the pictures of SUTD Game Lab(just the 3 of us) at GDC China 2013/Independent Games Festival 2013.

[Warning: Picture intensive post.]

There were 2 guys who completed all the levels, finished and work in progress levels. The first one was the developer of Mineland, winner of the Best Student game at IGF China. I didn’t get the name of the other person. I remembered we “high fived” when he saw the credits rolling screen. It took him quite a while to reach the end.  If you are reading this, get in touch with us! Thank you guys, and a big thank you to everyone who have spoken to us, offered to help, tried the game giving us feedback. Don’t worry, Justin, our designer, has written everything down. 😀


Alright, now back to making One Upon Light a lot better than what you have already seen.


Team Ice Cream Truck celebrates!

Team Ice Cream Truck celebrates!

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