IGF China 2013 Finalist

Cheers from the lab can be heard blocks away when we received the news. What news? One Upon Light is now, an IGF China Finalist! 

One Upon Light by SUTD Game Lab

IGF China Finalist [Main Competition]

IGF, Independent Game Festival, was established to encourage innovation in game development and to recognise the best independent game developers. The IGF China variant is specific to game developers based in the Pan-Pacific areas. Now in its 5th year, IGF china competition has garnered over 250 entries and we are pretty please with ourselves being 1 of the 8 selected finalists.

Award winners for the different categories will be announced at the Game Developer Conferences China on the 16th of September. There are 8 finalists and only 5 awards. And with 1 of the awards going to the best mobile game, that leaves us with, Best game, Excellence in Technology, Audio or Visual Art. Will we win anything? GAWD LET IT BE SEPTEMBER ALREADY!

Read the official announcement here.

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