Meet the team #2: Wong Yi

Next up, we have Wong Yi!

Wong Yi

Wong Yi has been in the games industry since 2006 when he joined Mikoishi to punch keyboards with 5 other folks till his first commercial game, DropCast, came out on the Nintendo DS. After that, he thanked his amazing team lead for the powerleveling and ventured forth into Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, where he continued to punch keyboards like a lunatic to the likes of CarneyVale: Showtime on the PC and Windows Phone 7, and Dark Dot on iPad.
He is presently allied with a bunch of heroes in SUTD Game Lab and have been going at it with them to make One Upon Light. He hopes to see games eventually be recognised by the mainstream as an artistic, interactive medium of expression and have recently also been involved in spreading the art of keyboard-punching to budding game developers in the Games Innovation Programme. In his spare time, he dons his XCOM armour and defends humanity from hostile aliens.

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