Meet the team #5: Xihui

It’s been a while, time to resume our “Meet the developers” posts! Introducing Xihui Ng!(that’s me me me)


Life is an open world, MMO sand-box game. There are no objectives, no rules(other than those set by players in the game) and no additional lives. Over 600,000 hours of game play. Dynamic environment/events, no 2 players will have the same experience. Set your own goals, or choose to follow templates set by players before you. You can hoard in-game currency and flaunt it at other players, or explore vast areas spanning over 500 mil square kilometers. It will take years to cover them by foot. Be an explorer, be a mentor, be nice, be evil, invent things, discover stuff, destroy, tag along with someone else, make friends, play alone, do nothing. Be someone, or be a nobody, entirely up to you.

How would you play this game?

I will make miniature, focused simulations for all players within this game to understand the game and it’s players a little bit better.


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