Meet the team #3: Yi Xin

Continuing our weekly developer’s “meet up”, here is Ang Yi Xin!

ME vs 3D games.
Hey I am Yi Xin, the 2D artist of One Upon Light (OUL) but this post will be about 3D and how it challenges me.
“The game needs to be in 3D because we will need the lights to cast real-time shadows.”
When I heard this during our team discussion during the early planning phase, my heart sank. Not only because 3D asset development requires rigorous effort, but I could not see myself playing my own game when it launches. Why, you may ask?
I get nauseous playing 3D games, period. When I played Left 4 Dead with my friends, I had aspired to be the World’s Greatest Zombie, but ended up being the resident boomer. The nauseating effect from the game’s camera is also why I have a lot of games that I can’t even get past the first level.
Yixin vs 3D
Eventually, to cater for the design and technical requirements of OUL, we went ahead with 3D so as to create interesting puzzles and shadows by changing the lights’ position and angle.
I am grateful for my team mates’ tolerance of my constant complaints about the camera and the controls and how the team continues to improve them. I can now proudly say that I am able play the game without feeling nauseous. It may just be the first 3D game I have completed playing. Hopefully.

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