The game is called One Upon Light because…

So we’ve been asked, repeatedly, why we named our game One Upon Light. Yes, we’re aware it’s a bit of an awkward moniker. But here’s the story behind the name.

Why OUL banner

One Upon Light describes a man’s journey of self-discovery as he goes against an everyday phenomenon, light, that is somehow deadly only to him. You can hence read the title as One (Man) Upon (The) Light, or 1/Light, i.e. the inverse of light, which is darkness.

Light and darkness are commonly used to represent good and evil, or life and death. We’ve flipped the trope in the game however. Light results in death and darkness prolongs life.

In a way, the chosen name One Upon Light also marks an important milestone in the dev team’s career. It’s our first effort under the banner of Ice Cream Truck Games, and we see the release of this game is our inaugural foray into the spotlight.

See it adds up (sorrycouldn’tresistabadmathpun). Hope that explains, and do keep on supporting One Upon Light!

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