Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

This programme is open to all Singapore-based students interested in making games. To apply, you must be a student or recent graduate from a university, polytechnic, art and design school or other institutes of higher learning with no prior full-time employment in the game industry.

Am I still eligible for the programme even though I have graduated?

Yes, we welcome all fresh graduates who have graduated last year to apply.

I complete my National Service this year, am I eligible for the programme?

Yes! As long as you have completed National Service by the time the programme starts and are able to commit fully to the programme during the stipulated period. You should not have prior full-time employment in the game industry as well.

My school semester starts towards the end of the programme. Am I still eligible for the programme?

Yes, you are. Special arrangements can be made with respective schools if leave of absence is required during the programme.

I am neither a student nor a recent graduate, am I eligible for the programme?

This is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, please send us an email at with your CV attached to inquire about your eligibility for the programme.

Do we have the opportunity to own the game?

The game IP belongs to SUTD. However, when the programme ends at the end of the 8 weeks, we are open to licensing the game to interested parties.

How long is the programme and where will it be held?

The full-time 8-week programme will be hosted at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) campus at Changi.

Why does the programme start on a weekend?

The programme includes a series of workshops conducted both on the weekend before the first work week and throughout the programme. These workshops are compulsory to attend.

Can I apply for more than 1 discipline?

You are allowed to apply for up to 2 disciplines by completing the submission requirements as stated in the application form.

I have applied for 2 disciplines, can I be selected for the 2 roles?

Yes. If you do well for both in the application round, you may be called up for an interview for both roles. However, you will only be assigned one discipline during the programme. Our verdict will be based on how well you perform during the selection process and your indicated preference in the application.

There are different roles in a game development team. What discipline can I apply for?

Hop on over to find out more about what role you can play in a game development team!

Where can I get more information about the discipline roles?

You can find out more information on Wikipedia.

Can this programme count towards my internship requirements?

We can work with your school to address the requirements.

I have zero game development experience. Should I apply?

Yes, you are strongly encouraged to do so! Many of our alumni had little or no game development experience when they applied for the programme. However, if you have made game projects on your own, it would be a bonus as it is a testimonial of your passion!

Is this a paid internship?

Yes. All students enrolled in the programme will receive a competitive stipend.

Can I apply for a discipline that I am not formally trained in?

Yes by all means! As long as you submit the relevant tests for the specific discipline, you will be assessed fairly against other applicants. We have had business students who became game designers, programmers and engineers who became artists at the programme and vice versa!

I have filled out the application, but would like to apply for another role instead. How can I make the change?

Please check the unique application link in the email that we sent out to you. In the application web page, click on "Application Form" to edit your choices.

I have filled out the application and indicated interest for 2 roles, but decided to only apply for one role instead. How can I make the change?

Please check the unique application link in the email that we sent out to you. In the application web page, click on "Application Form" to edit your choices. Change your option for your second role to none so that you will be able to proceed with your application submission.

I am interested in the programme and have applied for the programme previously. Do I need to apply again?

Yes. Selection is conducted on a per year basis.

Can I find out more about the selection process?
Round 1 Jan 2016 to Mar 2018 Application, Written Test, Resume and Portfolio Submission
Round 2 Mar to Apr Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview
I have attended the programme previously. Can I apply?

Yes. But priority will be given to capable applicants who have no prior experience in the programme.

I have other involvements during the same period. Can I apply?

For your benefit, you are encouraged to be fully committed to this intensive programme if you are selected. Unfortunately, you will be asked to leave the programme if you are unable to fully commit your time and effort.

What is the commitment level required of me if I am selected for the programme?

This is a full-time internship position that requires your full commitment. You will be trained and treated like a working professional.

What do I gain?
  • To experience the game development process through multi-disciplinary teamwork in a professional environment
  • Opportunity to turn game ideas into actual commercially-viable products
  • Work with leading experts from the industry and receive mentorship from them
  • Take the leap towards becoming an aspiring game entrepreneur
  • Establish industry networks and increase your career prospects
What are the key dates and schedule?

Check out the schedule

Has anyone in Singapore been through such a programme before?

Yes, the Game Innovation Programme has been developed by the team behind the former Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab. During the past 9 years, over 50 student teams have produced functional game prototypes in 2-3 months. We can connect you with our Alumni if you are interested in learning more about their experience. Check out student game prototypes made since 2007