DDQ – Game Concepts

After some deliberation, we selected the Long Lasting Freshness brand objective as our game’s core message. Our Product Advisor (PA) echoed our thoughts that it would be easiest to make a game around this idea.

We pitched about 15 ideas, of which 10 of them were related to Long-Lasting Freshness.

One of the game ideas we thought of was TAP TD a.k.a Fruity Defender. The idea involved allowing the player to plant a tower on the map and start tapping it like mad to strengthen it. Leveling up and strengthening the towers were through tapping and players are able to choose various skills at a certain stage of progression. We envisioned a combination of Clicker Heroes or Tap Titans’, tapping / clicking mechanics, with Clash of Clans and Kingdom Rush.

DDQ_idea board1DDQ_idea board 2

We like the idea of using sleek game mechanics and felt that tapping as our core mechanic was a sleek solution. The majority of our team except for our designer (who preferred to make a hardcore game) really liked this idea. At the end of Sprint 1, we had successfully pitched the idea to our facilitator, Chee Ming and PA, Jimmy.

Leaving aside our tap tower defense game, we presented 3 new ideas to them.

Draken Flight / Hoverboard – an endless flight simulation. Player controls a dragon’s direction through the phone’s accelerometer. The player is required to save people, defeat other dragons and acquire different abilities to interact with different environments.

DDQ_draken flight1 DDQ_draken flight2

Recoil Shooter, an endless 2D arena shooter, where the player can only move in the opposite direction of where they are shooting.

DDQ_recoil shooter 1 DDQ_recoil shooter 2

Slide Ice, an endless runner in which the player controls the avatar who is able to slide and hit enemies whilst producing ice when sliding to overcome traps and obstacles.

DDQ_slide ice 1 DDQ_slide ice 2

However, none of these ideas really took off with Jimmy except for Recoil Shooter which held potential.

So the following week, our team reverted to Fruity Defender.

DDQ_fruity defender.jpg

We decided to make Fruity Defender a casual strategic tower defense game with a twist. In a usual tower defense game, the player builds a tower to prevent their base from being destroyed. In Fruity Defender, players can do more than just build a tower, players are able to plant and stack them together to generate different abilities.

As production progressed, the game seemed too easy so our designer tried to add in a complex mechanic where players are only able to stack the first two fruits of the same color or same shape. The third fruit that goes above cannot follow the previous fruit’s color or shape. e.g. a stack could consist of red cherry, red apple but the third fruit is a green watermelon. Unfortunately the team felt that it was too complex for a casual genre. Thankfully, Chee Ming reminded us to take stock of the direction our game was heading – we had deviated from the initial game idea of tapping as the core mechanic and instead created a complex series of steps to develop a player’s tower.

By now, the cracks were showing in our team as well…

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