Industry Partners

Our Industry Partners Speak About Their Experience…


Singapore Management University


“The Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) and a professor from the Lee Kong Chian School of Business have collaborated with the SUTD GameLab to develop a game for a business course. The final prototype has exceeded our expectations and we are thrilled to be a part of SUTD’s Game Innovation Programme. We look forward to further collaboration in the future.

Bernie Koh, Senior Manager, Centre for Teaching Excellence, Singapore Management University
Product Advisor for Co-Founders of the North
GIP 2015

ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands

The games the students made are all amazing, and we were delighted to be a partner on showing them to the public.

Ms Honor Harger, Executive Director, ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands
Collaborator for Industry Day 2014

Health Visuals

The quality of the programme is par excellence!

Dr Dana Elliot Srither, CEO, Health Visuals Private Limited
Product Advisor for Code Blue
GIP 2014


GIP 2014 have showcased a slew of interesting ideas that our local talent are able to come up with. This bodes well for the industry as the interns are being taught the processes of developing a proper game, the various setbacks that others who have gone before them have committed and the various aspects of game mechanics which makes gameplay more interesting. We have benefited from the interaction with the interns as well as the other advisors and do see this model as an excellent way of “throwing” the students in the “deep-end of the pool” to get their feet wet and learn real fast.

Lau Lee Yang, Senior Director of Business Development, Razer Inc.
Product Advisor for Vault
GIP 2014

National Instruments

“These students completely bowled me over with their zest and ingenuity. Armed with their imagination and creativity, they used our graphical programming platform to create an interactive game that bridges the real world with virtual reality in just over 3 months. They are who I call the innovators of tomorrow.”

Chandran Nair, Managing Director for National Instruments Southeast Asia
Product Advisor for Nexus Edge
GIP 2013

Landshark Games

“We think it’s beneficial to us as an organization to cultivate the craft of game development in our local institutions and community. Not only will it help with knowledge sharing, we hope it will raise the standards and commitment of local institutions to inculcate innovative and creative thinking in our local students and young people. As an organization, we hope that our interaction with these students will benefit in identifying and hiring potential employees in the near future.”

Paul Naylor and Kim Tay Naylor founders of LandShark Games
Product Advisor for Tower of Myr: Crystal Stream
GIP 2013

Daylight Studios

“We have enjoyed working with SUTD GIP team and the wonderful student interns who were carefully selected to work with our core team at Daylight Studios. The team’s project, Reign of Heroes Lightbringers is a promising prototype for a potential sequel to our Reign of Heroes series.”

Don Sim, Chief Executive Officer of Daylight Studios
Product Advisor for Reign of Heroes: Lightbringers
GIP 2013

Pioneer Junior College


“The GIP is an exciting programme which allows excellent opportunities for cross- disciplinary work and innovation. We saw the possibilities of how this programme could advance our college objectives of using innovation to advance teaching and learning. Such partnerships have  a tremendous impact on how we view the teacher’s and student’s role in the learning process, where teachers design the learning environment and students take more ownership of their learning.”

Ms Tan-Kek Lee Yong, Principal of Pioneer Junior College
Product Advisor of SpacEcon
GIP 2013

Marshall Cavendish Online

“The Funcraft team has successfully injected arcade-quality game play into a fun package for the player to learn about Electricity.”

Ng Gek Song, Deputy General Manager of Marshall Cavendish Online (MC Online)
Product Advisor of GetZapp!
GIP 2013

Tecmo Koei Singapore

“From an employer-employee matching perspective, that keener sense about what’s required for games development helps tremendously, because these students already know what’s in store for them.”

Raymond Wong, Senior Vice President of Tecmo Koei Singapore
Industry Partner

Ubisoft Singapore

“SUTD Game Lab has a very innovative internship programme and Ubisoft Singapore is proud to be part of this great initiative. I believe that the programme’s focus on high quality game design research will benefit Singapore’s game industry as it will push students to think out of the box and innovate.”

Olivier De Rotalier, Managing Director of Ubisoft Singapore
Advisory Member for SUTD Game Lab
Mentor for GIP 2013