JoySteak: What is ‘Co-founders of the North’?

We unveil our game, ‘Co-founders of the North’, affectionately nicknamed ‘CoFon’ much earlier than expected!!!

A multiplayer, turn-based strategy PC game, it is designed not only for fun, but also to teach strategic management change concepts.

Welcome to the floating sky island

A long, long time ago, there was a floating sky island where magical creatures reside and pretty magical dust decorate the sky. On your travels to the North, you and a band of fellow explorers chanced upon this legendary floating island. The group decides to develop this island into a ‘Sky Eden’. Together, you are the ‘Co-founders of the North’.


Build your own ideal town

Players will be assigned different ‘allegiances’, and they have to construct a town that leans towards their assigned allegiances as much as possible.


Each building yields different ‘victory points’ to different allegiances (displayed in colored circles with numbers, pic on right). At the end of the game, the player with the most ‘victory points’, based on buildings placed on the map, will be the Ruler of the North.


Work together and gather your wealth

Each player starts out with limited resources. Pool your resources and work together with other players to construct buildings. Completed buildings generate income for you to build even more buildings!


Different colored areas on the map represent different ‘districts’ (Alpha build)

Placing buildings on different areas (or ‘districts’) also give different income bonuses. Plan your move carefully to maximize your rewards!

Tear down your enemies

In the end, there can only be one Ruler of the North – reduce another player’s allegiance influence by tearing down an opponent’s building and replacing it with a building of your choice!


UI for the ‘tear down’ feature (Concept Art)

By deciding when and where to build your buildings, reacting to the other players’ moves and convincing others to either contribute to your cause or band together to destroy other players’ buildings, you can outplay the rest to ascend the throne and be the eventual Ruler of the North.

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