As Darkness Descends

Swipe your way through the night of the Blood Moon . . .


Game Screenshots

Game Synopsis

A fast paced action on rails cinematic experience, As Darkness Descends wraps players within prophetic nightmares with no escape in sight. Players have to harness the very darkness which seeks to consume them. Swiping your way through hordes of enemies, you will unearth information about the blood moon’s impending corruption of the world.

Hopefully your skill will help you survive the night to wake up and share the prophecy.

Game Features

  • Symbol drawing mechanic to destroy enemies that lie in your path
  • A horrific gameplay experience where you are pressured to stay alive

Platform Specifications

Android / iOS

*The game is currently out!
Do show your support and head over to the Google Play or Apple App Store to download & play!

Team Profile

Jacob Daniel Taylor

Lee Chuan Xin
National University of Singapore

Geraldine Toh Yih Jia
Lasalle College of the Arts

Tan Yi Hee
Nanyang Technological University

Benjamin Peter Chia Sim Sen
Singapore Management University

Hong Zipeng
Nanyang Technological University

Chen Huizhang Eamonn
QA Tester
Singapore Institute of Management

Product Advisor

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