Asthma Knight

Reach the top of the tower and save the princess!

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Game Synopsis

In Asthma Knight, a courageous child goes on a quest to rescue the Royal Family from the top of the towers, despite his asthmatic condition.

In order to succeed in his climb, he must train his body, take his medication, and scale the spiraling stairs to the summit.

Follow the tale of this young knight, as he leaps over treacherous gaps, battles hordes of monsters, overcomes his condition, and journeys into knighthood.

Game Features

  • Run and battle various monsters up the tower!
  • Resting helps recover depleted energy from running and attacking.
  • Gather power-ups!
  • Always remember to bring along a potion!
  • Exercise by doing pull-ups in the mini-gameĀ !

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Team Profile

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Team Photo - OPower

From (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Abdul Hadi Abdul Halim (Programmer), Grace Ng (Artist), Goh Dian Yang (Designer), Vanessa Cassandra (QA Tester), Lim Chun Jia (Producer), Hady Januar Willi (Programmer)

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