Code Blue

Strategic planning and alertness are key to saving lives!

Game Screenshots

Game Synopsis

Code Blue is a fast-paced strategy game where players manage a team of medical specialists to dynamically react to medical situations. The game reads and loads real-world AED location data into the game so that players are made aware that these machines exist and where they can be found.

Game Features

  • Manage your resources and spend your skill point wisely!
  • Devise a strategy to revive the ever growing cardiac arrest victims!
  • Real time strategy & execution: Plan ahead and micromanage your units!
  • New challenges with each level!
  • New units introduced with each level!

Platform Specifications


*The game is currently out!
Do show your support and head over to the Google Play Store to download & play!

Team Profile


Team Photo - FF

From (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Andom Yeo (QA Tester), Miyako Makio (Artist), Siti Norhana Mohamed So’od (Artist), Roger Ong (Designer), Lee Seow Hong (Producer), Wong Woon Kiat (Programmer), Oh Shun Hao (Definitely-not-sucky Programmer)

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