Fruity Defender

Stack & tap to protect the Ceon Shrine!


Game Screenshots

Game Synopsis

Designed to be a free-to-play mobile game, Fruity Defender is a tower defense game with two unique twists – players get to stack their defenders to enhance their abilities and discover various ability synergies, and they get to tap on the defenders real-time to speed up their growth and upgrading process!

Game Features

  • Stack the fruit towers to uncover different abilities
  • Play with different fruit combinations to discover amazing synergies!
  • Tap on your fruit towers to build faster and to level up

Platform Specifications


Team Profile

Toh Xuan Zheng
DigiPen Institute of Technology

Zhou Kun
Nanyang Technological University

Tan Peixuan
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Chan Zhi Kai
National University of Singapore

Sae-Tan Yongxin
Temasek Polytechnic

Wong Yan Yee
QA Tester
Singapore University of Technology & Design

Product Advisor

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