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Game Poster and Screenshot

Game Synopsis

Set in a near-future dystopian world, Overpowered is a classic PvP deathmatch that pits five heroes against each other in battle for the ultimate wish. Players can choose to take on the roles of any hero, each with a unique play-style as well as four distinct abilities.

Duke it out in various arenas where hazards can be opportunities or fatal mistakes, showcase your flair and mastery of skills in the ultimate duel!

Game Features

  • Choose from 5 different characters, each with 4 unique abilities
  • Battle it out with friends in an exciting and heart-pumping deathmatch across 3 different levels
  • Easy battle controls allow new players to pick up the game quickly, and experienced players to “get good” at their chosen characters

Platform Specifications

PC (requires Controllers)

Team Profile

Meng Cheng
Singapore Management University

Tan Jun Kiat
National University of Singapore

Sanket Das
Rubika Supin Fogame, India


Luke Lee
National University of Singapore

Tay Guo Qiang
National University of Singapore

Wesley Chang Chong Jie
Nanyang Technological University


Jemima Loke
Digipen Institute of Technology

Shermin Sim
Temasek Polytechnic

John Neufeld Hong Ren
QA Tester
National University of Singapore


Product Advisor

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