Pip: Giftbound

Stop the nasty Yetis & save Christmas!


Game Screenshots

Game Synopsis

Tower defense meets Smash Bros, where you control an unlikely duo – Pip the Penguin and Pop the Star Fairy, bound together by a magic chain. Defend Christmas around the world and stop nasty yetis from stealing presents by knocking them off stages!

Game Features

  • Intuitive swiping/drawing gameplay to drive away hordes of yeti
  • Make use of surrounding environments to prevent yetis from stealing your presents
  • Unleash the Mega Star Strike to take down the yetis once and for all

Platform Specifications


Team Profile

Loh En Liang
Nanyang Technological University

Zeng Ruixiang
Nanyang Technological University

Lois Chng Si Qi
Nanyang Technological University

Jayaprakash Abinaya
Lasalle College of the Arts

Eu Yong Xue
National University of Singapore

Heng Chin Kiat
QA Tester
Nanyang Technological University


Product Owner

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