Pixie Drop

Bounce, Shoot, Climb, Exploit, Entrap, Drop, Teleport, Fling!


Game Poster and Screenshot

Game Synopsis

In a distant land, enshrouded by mystical forests, resided a World Tree. It was the source of life for the land, keeping it green and vibrant. One day, unidentified creatures invaded the World Tree – contaminating its roots and corrupting all surrounding lifeā€¦

Pixie Drop is a mobile game that enables players to guide Pixie adventurers through a series of platforming puzzles to fight off the creatures. Place and chain contraptions in the stages, Rube Goldberg style. Plan your solution, segment Pixies based on their classes, then bounce, shoot, climb, exploit, entrap, drop, teleport, fling them through the puzzles YOU create!

Game Features

  • Marble drop-inspired game
  • Construct complex contraptions to guide your Pixies
  • Plan ahead! Sort your Pixies to the right places and equip them with weapons
  • Multiple solutions, solve the levels in your own ways

Platform Specifications


Team Profile

Liew Zhiying Ivan
National University of Singapore

Masahiro Iwaki

Tammie Quah Tian Li
Nanyang Technological University


Kian Jia Ren
National University of Singapore

Satrio Triatmoko
National University of Singapore

Pang Zheng Yu
National University of Singapore


Asia Soenargo
School of the Arts, Singapore

Lin Guang Hua

Lim Yun Yi
QA Tester
National University of Singapore


Product Advisor

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