re : colour

Only with Blanc, can you bring colour back to the world . . .

Game Screenshots

Game Synopsis

Re:Colour is a third-person action-puzzle game set in the world of Chroma, where colour is the life force of all beings. Players take the role of Huey & Satura, a pair of outcast siblings who aim to restore colour to their world by destroying malevolent crystals that have absorbed these colours.

The game is designed to convey the basic concepts of Financial Literacy in an innovative & subtle way, allowing players to make critical in-game decisions which convey real world impact.

Game Features

  • Shatter the malevolent crystals
  • Plan your paths by drawing it – it’s that simple!
  • Wait for the right opportunity to start your journey to the other side
  • Manage your resources & take calculated risks
  • New challenges with each level

Platform Specifications


Team Profile


Veronica Tan See Yee
Temasek Polytechnic

Ivan Danny Handoko
Republic Polytechnic

Quinn Allen Setianto
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Jermyn Tanu
National University of Singapore

Lee Yan Hwa
National University of Singapore

Lee Jiangling
QA Tester
Republic Polytechnic


Product Advisor

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