Reign of Heroes: Lightbringers

3 Heroes. Traps, dark minions, and an endless Tower of Evil. Set forth your champions and purge the land of this foul darkness!

Game Screenshots

Game Synopsis

Lead your party of heroes in a unique 3 squad combo to avoid traps and eliminate dark minions as you climb the endless Tower of Evil in this fast-paced action runner. Arrange your heroes in different combinations to gain tactical advantages against your enemies and with the loot from your conquests, hire even more powerful heroes and use your boosts to see how far you can go.

Reign of Heroes: Lightbringers is a new vision of a series of games for smartphones based on the original Reign of Heroes by Daylight Studios.

Game Features

  • Touch or slide your heroes across 3 lanes, dodging devious traps and nefarious enemies, and test your reflexes against the armies of darkness!
  • Arrange your squad of heroes in different combinations of melee, ranged, and magic to take on anything the Tower throws at you.
  • Upgrade your heroes, recruit new ones, use your boosts, and see how deep you can go into the lair of evil!

Platform Specifications


Team Profile


Sim Yuin Theng
National University of Singapore
Scrum Master


Delia Phua
Singapore University of
Technology and Design
Game Designer


Yurike Chandra
Nanyang Technological University
QA Tester

Lim Ta Eu
Singapore Polytechnic


Jonathan How
National University of Singapore (Graduated)

Nikita Wibisono
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts


Michael Lee
LASALLE College of the Arts (Graduated)

Product Owner



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