Push forward and sling your way into and out of mayhem!

Game Screenshots

Game Synopsis

RocketBlade is a 3D hack and slash mobile game designed to explore the full potential of touchscreen devices to bring a Dynasty Warriors-esque experience to the mobile platform.

RocketBlade combines innovative slingshot-based movement with massive crowd combat in a vast and dangerous world, providing a fast-paced, frenetic experience unique to the mobile platform.

Get ready for some mayhem with RocketBlade!

Game Features

  • Bringing the core experience of a Brawler
  • Slingshot movement to manoeuvre the character
  • Easy tap to attack action
  • Create a chain combo!

Platform Specifications

iOS 6.0 & above. Optimized for the iPad.

Team Profile


Team Photo - Tinkerous

From (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Tay Yang Shun (Producer), Andrew Teo (Artist), Kim Van (Designer), Thin Bing Zong (Programmer), Joel Ng (QA Tester), Chen Zhiming (Programmer)

Product Advisor

LambdaMu Games

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