Collect minerals! Avoid asteroids! Build the next human civilization!

A novel way to learn ‘A’ level economics!

Welcome to the world of SpacEcon! Economics, ho!


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Game Screenshots

Game Synopsis

SpacEcon is an economics game created around the ‘A’ level syllabus that aims to teach students about Productivity.

In the distant future, the civilization of Man has fallen due to pollution and civil war. The few remaining colonies are relegated to wandering in space, looking for a new place to call home.

You are a Space Wanderer who discovers a planet to build your new home! Scavenge for minerals near your planet to construct infrastructure to attract more space wanderers to your planet to help build your economy and manage your resources!

SpacEcon is a fun way to learn the economic principles of growth and efficiency in and outside of the classroom.

Game Features

  • Think you’re good at economics? Come try our game and see how well you do in building your country!
  • 3 different space runs for you to test your skills! Greater risk, greater rewards! But will you survive long enough?
  • A summary of your performance after every run with a statistics page that provides you with all the hints and details you need to build the most successful civilization.
  • Build various infrastructure and increase your level of productivity. Remember, productivity is your multiplier!

Platform Specifications

Mobile, iOS6, optimized for iPhone 5

Team Profile


Cherise Cho
Scrum Master
Singapore University of Technology and Design


Linda Yeo
Game Designer
National University of Singapore (Graduated)


Jim Lee
QA Tester
Temasek Polytechnic

Swagato Sen
Nanyang Technological University


Janice Dermawan
Nanyang Technological University


Dion Low
Business Development
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Product Owner


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