Manoeuvre your character using the full-screen, multi-touch joystick controls, to vault across maps filled with dangers and loot.

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Game Synopsis

Generate Cals and steal even more from your friends!

Vault is a game that turns the richness of your daily routine into in-game wealth.

Use your daily activities to fill your Vault with Cals, explore Vaults to gather even more Cals and raid enemy Vaults to steal from and sabotage them.

Become the richest Vault owner in town in this aggressive game of greed and cunning.

Game Features

  • Players convert the calories burnt through their daily activity into the in-game currency, Cals!
  • Levels will be generated corresponding to the player’s daily activity!
  • Cals can also be picked up within these levels!
  • Obstacles exist within each level that deducts a health point every time you get hit!
  • Cals can also be stolen from friends’ levels by stepping on a button located within each level!
  • Players can buy health points using the Cals they generated or picked up!

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Team Profile


Team Photo -Gecko Panda

From (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Daryl Lim (Producer), Jemmy Irawan (Programmer), Low Jun En (Designer), Jonathan Sung (Programmer), Neo Rui Shan (QA Tester), Nguyen Hong Ngoc Mai (Artist)

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