Rektc0n – Concept: Initial Ideas, Pitches, Mechanics

We came up with many creative ideas during the ideation weeks of GIP, of which these had the most influence on our eventual game.
The Lost Reindeer is a turn-based strategy game revolving around an organization that rescues animals and monsters undertaking a request from Santa Claus to rescue his lost reindeers. Each turn, the player decides upon executing actions, such as throwing obstacles or bait, which may influence the reindeer’s behaviour, to guide it to the safe zone in the level. The game concept was later revised into a maze and puzzle game, where a Christmas spirit finds a reindeer alone in the woods and wishes to guide it back to its family.
The player controls the spirit and navigates the reindeer throughout the level, overcoming and solving various obstacles and puzzles.The unique feature of the concept is the rule that the spirit gives off light, to which the reindeer is attracted to, and the reindeer cannot remain in the darkness for too long.
Rektc0n_reindeer 1 Rektc0n_reindeer 2 Rektc0n_reindeer 3 Rektc0n_reindeer 4
The game was dropped at the digital prototype stage because we felt that maze/puzzle games would neither appeal to our target audience (children), nor keep them engaged and entertained.
Present Speed Delivery is a time management/rhythm/memory game where the player controls an elf whose role is to help create and deliver toys and presents. Tasks are carried out by tapping to corresponding beats matching note patterns, simulating individual steps taken in the assembly of presents. Successful completion of patterns lets the player carry on with the routine of creating and delivering presents.
Rektc0n_present speed 1 Rektc0n_present speed 2
An issue with the concept was that the rhythm/memory mechanic might prove frustrating for young players, and the game’s appeal would be limited, given the lack of popularity of music-rhythm games in comparison to more conventional mobile games.Subsequently, Present Speed Delivery morphed into a time management game where the player controls a penguin with a part-time job of delivering presents to buy a present for its loved one. Inspired by Diner Dash, the player goes around to take up requests from customer to which the right item is delivered to the corresponding requestor. The results of the delivery influences the fame of the penguin, which in turn influences the pacing and dynamics of the game.

Rektc0n_present speed 3 Rektc0n_present speed 4

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