Rektc0n: Pip Giftbound Early Designs

We first envisioned Pip: Giftbound as an adventure mobile game where you control an unlikely duo – Pip the penguin, and his fairy buddy, who are bound together by a magical chain. The chain has several uses – it can be used to pick up presents, fend off nasty Yeti who are after your presents, and activate special triggers that will directly influence the level.

Pip_early stagePip_early stage 1

Set around a Christmas theme, each stage features a different country – you will navigate through the Royal Rushway, light up the Statue of Liberty’s torch, or even run from angry bulls in the Pamplona Race!

Each stage is broken into 3 levels – two on exploration/dungeon-crawler (similar to Bastion) and one hold-your-ground defense (L4D’s Finale style).

Pip_early stage 2Pip_early stage 3

The exploration would employ Point A-to-B navigation, with the objective of locating Christmas presents scattered throughout the levels. These presents will be useful for the defense portion at the later part of the stage. Watch out though, you might occasionally get jumped on by Yetis who are after your presents! Run out of presents, and you will be knocked unconscious!

When you reach the defence stage, you have to avoid getting cobbled by the enemies, as the portal charges up to bring you to safety. The more presents you have collected from the previous levels, the faster the portal recharges!

Once the portal is fully recharged, you will be teleported, and the stage is cleared.

Pip Giftbound Alpha Screenshots


Pip_alpha 1 Pip_alpha 2 Pip_alpha 3

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