Skill Tree: Darkness Descends Game Concept

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“On the fifth and final lunar eclipse in October 2015, the sun will turn into blindness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of EVIL that will come.”

The Prophecy of the Blood Moon has been followed by doomsday believers, fanatical zealots and crazy cultists with close fascination. The Prophecy states that when the fifth and final lunar eclipse occurs in October 2015, the Blood Moon will rise, causing a huge cosmic disturbance in the Heavens, breaking the 6th Seal and unleashing the forces of evil on the earth.

The beginning of the Blood Moon’s ascent also marks Darkness’ manifestation in the mortal realm. Seeping into the minds of human beings, Darkness seeks to weaken them with their nightmares and discover a worthy champion for whom she can possess and be reborn in the physical world.

In Darkness Descends, the player character is trapped in one of her nightmares. With the powers granted by Darkness herself to test the player, he has to fight his way through Darkness’ minions within the many visions of the world’s corruption. Through these visions, he can unearth information about the Blood Moon’s impending corruption of the world, hopefully surviving the night and waking up to share the Prophecy.

Game Concept

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Darkness Descends is a fast paced, action on rails cinematic experience which focuses heavily on narrative elements. A swiping mechanic is central to its game play. Players must swipe corresponding patterns to survive the onslaught of enemies. Sounds simple, right? Wait a second now. Not all enemies can be dealt with so easily. Some will require more than 1 swipe while others are rather elusive, choosing to fade in and out of existence. There are even enemies who sacrifice their lives to deal damage on impact after rushing towards the player. Now imagine hordes of these, relentlessly approaching the player in waves. Knowing which enemies to deal with at the right time is the key to achieving success!

The Idea Graveyard

We underwent several iterations of early ideas, even producing digital prototypes, before settling on the concept of Darkness Descends. These ideas included 360 no scope, Leo’s polaroids, burnout zombie, Zack’s mirror, point and click narrative, mini game compilation, furniture defense and Ben’s 2D platformer.

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