Sprint #5

Sprint 5 was the time when our team really started to get down to creating the game. It felt like ideation, prototyping and production were squeezed all into two sprints, with barely a few days left for polishing.


Every day was a mad rush and pressure was building, from our peers with their well-developed games and from the Game Lab with their concerns about our progress. As the designer, it felt like the onus was upon me to come up with a solid and impressive concept yet work within the boundaries of our existing build and the guidelines we had. It was tough trying to fulfil the different expectations of the stakeholders all at the same time whilst ensuring that the game we create accomplishes our goal.

Slide2Due to the time constraints, feature after feature was cut from the final build, and it was frustrating to plan for something yet see it go unaccomplished. Yet, it took a while for the team to build up momentum. As the deadlines loomed nearer, it seemed like everyone grew more high strung. We wanted to make the best we could, and so, against better judgment, we decided to push some additional features in at the last minute. It felt like our lives were literally on the line, but we managed to get the features out exactly as we wanted and get it polished and balanced too. Thankfully, Jim (our QA Tester) was able to take over the level design of the space run segment of the game, a crucial component that merited its own attention. With the delicate game balancing and testing in his hands, we pulled through once again.



Designer, Team Swag

GIP 2013

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