Waffle Pizza: Heeding Good Advice

Our scope for the 3rd sprint was to create digital prototypes of the game ideas we had within a fortnight. Our Facilitator, Sheetha, warned that if we stuck to just 1 prototype, it might turn disastrous later in the sprint.

We were super confident about a Time Traveller game idea previously and had pinned all our hopes and efforts on it, and look where that got us. (A great big level design headache, that’s what.)

So, we decided to heed her advice this time. The team began work on designs for 2 digital prototypes.

Card Game Idea

Card Game Idea

One for a Hero Defence styled card game and one for a Drawing game. Unfortunately, in converting the card game to a digital prototype, we realized that it was overly reliant on user interface (UI). It was tediously design heavy. By contrast, the latter was a beautifully clean and simple single action game.

Meta Game

Now that we had the game in mind, we struggled to come up with a good meta game that could support our game logic and somehow link back to financial literacy.

We decided to flesh out the game first and link it back to our overarching objective later, and until now, we’re not too sure if it had been a good or bad decision. Our game was fun, yet it was tricky to link back to our objective.

In any case, the prototypes were built, albeit with a ton of design struggles with context and game mechanic. Our artist struggled with the lack of context which led to conflicting art direction. This was one of the hardest sprints for our team because collectively, we were pretty hopeless at coming up with context, narrative and world building.

Although, somehow we managed to produce a playable prototype.

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