Waffle Pizza: Reaching Alpha!

We were confident that we would be able to finish all of our major features in this sprint. After meeting with our advisors to convince them on our art direction and game idea, we jumped right into production. The core game mechanics were complete, what was left was to iron out some irregularities in game logic.

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New Approach

We initiated discussions, talking through all our level designs together and suggesting new methods to simplify our game. This was also the sprint where we began to look into game user interface (UI).

Our first challenge was to ace the official playtest session with our Product Advisors. The players had to have an intuitive UI to play and understand the game properly, and this was the goal that kept our team going in Sprint 4.

We devised a ton of new ways to accomplish our goals. The programmers picked up different ways to use masking and shaders to create the effects for our art intensive game. Our artist had to produce very precise isometric art for our game which pushed her limits, seeing that our art direction was still rather foggy. Our Designer and QA picked up sound design for the game, and I (as project lead) stepped in for UI design.

It really was a trying period for everyone in the team, but we had never been closer as a team and we had never been more motivated to pour our hearts into making this game the best that it could be.

By the end of Sprint 4, we’d completed most of our UI elements save for our main menu and level selection. Level design was all done and art assets were coming along nicely. Core gameplay functions are definitely all done, and we’ve implemented all of the tutorial levels into the game. While we’re still a little behind on UI and user feedback, our game was definitely in a good place for an alpha.

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