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Welcome to SUTD Gamelab

We're the game development team under the Singapore University of Technology and Design Game Lab. The SUTD Game Lab was formerly known as the Singapore branch of the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, which created the award-winning games CarneyVale: Showtime, Snap Escape and Dark Dot, among others.

SUTD Game Lab

Our Games

Pear game
Pear game
Pear game
Pear game
Pear game

Agres K., Lui S., Herremans D.. 2019. A novel music-based game with motion capture to support cognitive and motor function in the elderly. IEEE Conference on Games. London, UK. Download Preprint.


SUTD Game Lab provides state-of-the-art skills and expertise in game design for serious games in the field of AI, education, healthcare, and AR/VR technologies. We deliver commercially ready systems through collaboration with industry and faculty and thus reinforce the capability of SUTD in these cutting-edge domains.

Missions & Objectives

- Assist faculty in bringing their research projects to commercial quality gamification and/or to include AR/VR technologies, with a focus on healthcare, AI, and AR/VR. 

- Start a line of research in AI gamification technology, through new grants, bring in a research fellows. 

- Demonstrate capabilities of SUTD in AR/VR and gamification with novel technologies to the general public and scientific community, by showcasing the final results of Game Lab’s work resulting from grants and faculty collaborations.


Our Team

Dorien Herremans


Danny Chow

Senior Programmer

Chan Kuang  Liang Matthew


Marooth Nath Chaowansasatier


Lau Fei Heng Isaac


Chung Zhi Wei


Yoga Datu Brata

Game Designer

Koh Chong Lin

3D Artist

Hong Zhi Hao

3D Artist

Carol Lee

2D Artist

Melvin Chuah




Come find us at

8 Somapah Rd, #2.316 Building 2, Level 3 Singapore 487372

Email at
+65 64994615

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