Code Blue

Game Synopsis
Code Blue is a fast-paced strategy game where players manage a team of medical specialists to dynamically react to medical situations. The game reads and loads real-world AED location data into the game so that players are made aware that these machines exist and where they can be found.

Game Features
Manage your resources and spend your skill point wisely!
Devise a strategy to revive the ever growing cardiac arrest victims!
Real time strategy & execution: Plan ahead and micromanage your units!
New challenges with each level!
New units introduced with each level!

Team Profile
Team Members
Team Photo - FF

From (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Andom Yeo (QA Tester), Miyako Makio (Artist), Siti Norhana Mohamed So'od (Artist), Roger Ong (Designer), Lee Seow Hong (Producer), Wong Woon Kiat (Programmer), Oh Shun Hao (Definitely-not-sucky Programmer)

Product Advisor
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